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Reasons to use an agent

Why use an Agent?

The global recession has urged a lot of home sellers/buyers to opt for the DIY sale to avoid paying commission for the services of a real estate agent. While this is a valid argument it is important to note that 80% of buyers and seller still turn to estate agents when buying or selling property. Here are some reasons why the majority still choose to use an agent:

Agents Apply Their Experience and Education

By using the expertise of a real estate you are tapping into the agents knowledge and experience. This is especially important as agents know what procedures to follow and how to go about getting the best deal.

Agents Take Care of Complicated Paperwork

Because estate agents know the procedure of buying and selling property, they can assist you in completing the time-consuming and confusing paperwork that goes with the transaction.

Agents Can Practice Negotiating Skills

Negotiating skills are essential if you want the best deal. Agents see this as an integral part of an their job description, which includes knowing how to make a case for their clients and by doing so insuring the best possible price.

Agents Can Share Knowledge of the Neighbourhood

Agents can answer all your questions regarding the neighbourhood you want to buy in, such as the quality of the schools, the noise levels, recent market activity, house prices in the area etc.

Agents Can Help With Price Guidance

Having knowledge of the market means that agents can easily tell you how much home you can afford as well as how much to sell you property for.

Agents are Objective

Having an agent around when you view a property means that you will always have an objective opinion. Agents see things differently and can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of a property. They also know exactly what to look for.

Agents Sell Homes Faster

It has been proven that when you use an agent you will sell you home faster.

Advertising a Property is Expensive

When you work with an agent you are not only relying on their name and reputation to advertise your property but you are also using all their resources including For Sale/On Show banners, listings in newspapers/magazines and on the Internet. If you decide on a DIY sale, be prepared to cover the advertising out of you own pocket.

An Agent Has Access to Additional Information

Agents have loads of information like how long a property has been on the market, the neighbourhood and school system, the home’s best features etc. This can come in handy when you have to decide on a property.

An Agent Can Make Recommendations

Agents know the best lenders, home inspectors and other resources that you might need when you buy/sell a property.