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Preparing your home for marketing

What to do

First impressions count with buyers. You don’t get a second chance to make a good impression. A small investment in time and money can give your home an advantage over competing homes in your neighborhood.


•   Repair leaking taps and toilets
•   Tighten doorknobs and cupboard latches
•   Repair cracked plaster
•   Touch up chipped paintwork
•   Clean and repair windows
•   Repair chalking around bath and basin
•   Repair blown light bulbs
•   Oil squeaking doors 


•   Clean and freshen bathrooms and toilets
•   Clear sink of dirty dishes
•   Clean refrigerator and stove
•   Clean and freshen carpets
•   Keep curtains fresh and clean 

Create space

•   Clear rooms and stairs of clutter
•   Store any surplus furniture
•   Clear kitchen counters
•   Ensure that your cupboards are tidy 

Outside appeal

•   Cut lawns
•   Trim hedges and shrubs
•   Weed and edge flower beds
•   Pick up litter
•   Rid driveway of leaves and grease stains
•   Clean out garage
•   Touch up paintwork
•   Repair loose doorknobs, sticking doors & cracked window panes
•   Swimming pool must sparkle

Create a buying mood

•   Arrange to be absent during “showing”
•   Avoid children tagging along
•   Leave the showing to the agent
•   Let the agent discuss price, terms and other factors with clients
•   Turn on some lights
•   Turn on the air conditioning
•   Play quiet background music Add charm with flowers
•   Never apologize for the appearance of your home

Never let anyone into your home unless they have an appointment. You would not let a total stranger into your home. Our 'for sale' board does not alter this situation. Let us ensure your security by referring any enquirer to us for qualification.