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Now that I have sold

Now that I have Sold

  1. Your agent arranges for a financial institution to value the property and monitors the bond application until it is granted in writing.
  2. Your agent arranges an electrical certificate of compliance if requested by you
  3. Your agent advises the seller, purchaser and transferring attorney of bond grant
  4. We follow-up on all other suspensive conditions of the sale where applicable
  5. All necessary copies of identity documents, marriage certificates, ante-nuptial contracts, divorce documents, bank statements, etc. are procured from the buyer and handed to the transferring attorney and financial institution
  6. The bond application - if applicable - is completed by the agent and handed personally to the financial institution
  7. Copies of the agreement are sent to the seller, the purchaser and the transferring attorney
  8. We follow-up and keep in contact with the transferring attorney, seller and buyer until the date of registration